What is Geopolitics: from theory to practice


From a functional definition of geo-politics to geopolitics as a framework for STATECRAFT/POLICY-MAKING. In this presentation we proceed from a conceptual unpacking of geopolitics, to linking it with geostrategy, geoeconomics and geotechnology, and see how this can be formulated into a geo-political web of power, for building the power capacity, and resource capability, of polities.


1. Geopolitics: a brief introduction https://youtu.be/dg7d0TPoLgw

2. Geopolitics: models of analysis https://youtu.be/PXXdvBz1tJU

3. What is Geostrategy https://youtu.be/5GvjVUrmgNU

4. How Geography and Geopolitics relate https://youtu.be/TdDoQRvUtD0

5. What is Geoeconomics https://youtu.be/nYVBQ5FP9D8